Revenue Growth

How do you plan revenue growth?

Increasing revenue is not enough, you must plan and manage your growth

to be profitable and sustainable.

Poorly planned growth often leads to financial distress and can even cause business failure.

New Sales, Marketing and Operational Strategies and Methods are often necessary to sustain profitable growth.

Mapping resources you will need is critical to insuring that you can sustain growth into the future.

A written growth plan doubles your chances of achieving your business growth goals.

Approximately 2/3 of businesses do not have a written growth plan.

Businesses who do have a written plan are more than 50% more likely to accomplish their growth goals.

"Most business owners confuse growth planning with budgeting, fundraising, and staff work. High-growth businesses have learned that growth planning is a business discipline essential to creating profitable growth. A successful growth plan hinges on a good deal of reflection on the part of the business owner and communication with as many people as possible to ensure buy-in, support and leverage for the business." - Ralph Smith - Sr.VP Business Banking, Suntrust Banks, Inc.

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